Awakening Soul Sessions

Hey There Super Soul, let’s connect and see what magic we can create together. I am thrilled to jump on a 15 min. call with you. Let’s explore where you are, where you would like to be, gather some clarity from your higher self and formulate a plan for how to get you there. I cherish every moment that I get to spend with sacred souls like you.

Click the button, fill out a few questions and get your sweet self onto my calendar.

The Soul Powered Portal is a monthly membership site with two levels of engagement. This is one of the juiciest ways for us to connect and support you through the journey of awakening. The SPP offers you a group experience of multiple monthly calls, meditations, energy updates and community co-creation.

 Allow for your greatest transformation over time for just $27 or $77 per month. Come on inside the Sacred Portal.

1:1 Session’s for Deeper Awakening

Transform- Deep Dive- $333- 90 min-

Lets dive in, release what is complete, reset your frequency and reclaim your greatest light. This journey connects your higher self wisdom to your cognitive thoughts to put you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Inspire- A Light Tune-up- $222- 60 min-

This is optimal if we have already taken the Transform plunge together. Giving you the elevation and inspiration needed to go to the next level.

Get Your Question Answered  $111

Send me one specific question about any aspect of your life, relationship, career, health, next steps etc. I will connect with the Light Council, your higher self, guides and angels and deliver back to you the answer with as many details and specifics as I receive. This is a fantastic way to get anchored on the right path for you and clear up any confusion you may be experiencing along the way.

3-day guaranteed turnaround time.  After you book, check your inbox for specific steps on how to submit your question.

This Is A Journey, Where We Lock Arms And Walk Through The Portal Of Awakening


Soul Ascend is for those who are ready to find your next steps and take the leap into the fullness of a spiritually connected, abundant, empowered, on pulse and purpose driven life and business.

This is for you if you know there is more and your ready to walk into the greatness that your life and your next level of service has been holding for you, just waiting for you to claim it.

This is a 3 or 6 month long journey combining the tools of life/biz coaching with the magic of energy medicine and soul awakening. This is a step by step formula meets you where you are, walks you down a true pathway that will literally wake you up, position you for next level success, and get you into full momentum for your EXTRAordinary life.

Gather yourself and a bunch of your sacred soul sisters together for a journey like no other. We will meet in person or on zoom, connect our energies together as a group, and one by one move through a mini reading for each of those present. 

To be witnessed in your truth is powerful medicine. What is true for one is usually mirrored in the experience of the group collectively. Profound healing and a deepening of connections to each other occur in these group readings.

We will formulate your group reading to fit your intentions, time, and budget. Add ons include:

Tarot readings
Pendulum dowsing training
Group guided meditation/ healing

    This truly is one of my favorite services that I offer. Let’s discuss all of the delicious details to make your reading extra special.

    This Is Deep Cellular Healing, Activation and Transformation

    All sessions are recorded for you to keep and revisit. Please be ready to pay at time of booking this is what anchors your appointment into my calendar. If you need assistance with booking, have any questions or need additional help please email

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    "Lisa is an alchemist who has opened up a new level of potential in my life. She helps me see things clearly; to break old stories and create a life that I didn’t imagine possible before working with her."

    ~ Sarah Kerruish, Documentary Filmmaker

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    "Lisa guides you through setting goals for your personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and she listens–both to what you say and to what you don’t say—to help you remove blocks... It is like a deep, spiritual house cleaning. She has not only helped remove blocks to professional freedom and creativity, but she has also helped me see myself with compassion, and become a more patient and loving partner and mother."

    ~ Aimee Maddalena, Writer
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    "Sessions with Lisa are a beautiful blend of divine inspiration, self-discovery, information, and epiphanies that create a real shift in one’s life. Each session Lisa has been able to identify destructive patterns that were blocking my development within minutes. After days of processing these discoveries I was still in awe at how prevalent yet how hidden from my consciousness these patterns were. The change in perspective that follows is life-changing."

    ~ Elda Pema, Research Scientist

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