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I’m delighted to hear that you’re interested in collaborating with me or have any questions to ask. I truly appreciate your enthusiasm, and I would love to connect with you. Please feel free to send me an email, and I’ll respond with warmth and timeliness. I’m excited to explore the possibilities of working together.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


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"Lisa is an alchemist who has opened up a new level of potential in my life. She helps me see things clearly; to break old stories and create a life that I didn’t imagine possible before working with her."

~ Sarah Kerruish, Documentary Filmmaker

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"Lisa guides you through setting goals for your personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and she listens–both to what you say and to what you don’t say—to help you remove blocks... It is like a deep, spiritual house cleaning. She has not only helped remove blocks to professional freedom and creativity, but she has also helped me see myself with compassion, and become a more patient and loving partner and mother."

~ Aimee Maddalena, Writer
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"Sessions with Lisa are a beautiful blend of divine inspiration, self-discovery, information, and epiphanies that create a real shift in one’s life. Each session Lisa has been able to identify destructive patterns that were blocking my development within minutes. After days of processing these discoveries I was still in awe at how prevalent yet how hidden from my consciousness these patterns were. The change in perspective that follows is life-changing."

~ Elda Pema, Research Scientist

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