This Is A Journey, Where We Lock Arms And Walk Through The Portal Of Awakening

The Opportunity For Transformation Is Rapid, It Is In The Moment That You Say YES That The Magic Begins

If you are ready to:

  • Celebrate each success
  • Allow your passion, your life, and your business to accelerate
  • Create a clear pathway to your limitless empowered life
  • Reprogram your poorly behaving brain
  • Receive cellular reconfiguration/ DNA re-coding
  • Meet with the higher realms, your “team” to co~create the reality of your dreams
  • Be held in Action and Commitment
  • Follow your soul Sparks as a blueprint for creating
  • Utilize your intuition as your true north compass
  • Be the change you were born to be
  • Give back to make impact
  • Leave a legacy

Then lets GO…

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Take Yourself, Your Business, Your Life To The Quantum Level Of What Is Possible

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These Messages Come From Acsended Beings who call themselves "The Light Council".

They are intended to inspire, guide, activate, and connect you to that which is greater, your higher self and the planet all at once.

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"We have moved mountains for you, dear one, so that your ascension may be met with greater ease.

We will continue to move mountains, depart seas, and shine light where light has never before been shown.

We do this so that this journey to your enlightenment may be as fluid as is humanly or beyond humanly possible.

We have built bridges.

You have transcended.

We do this for you so that you might know freedom, joy, and love."

"There is but one light, but one frequency, but one vibration, but one ray, but one way.


It is the one of which you are currently riding upon, the one which is currently alive within you.


There is only one way of being, and it is alive within you in this very moment, as you are reading these words and feeling these sensations.


There is but one truth: all of the universe itself is working for you and creating on your behalf.


It is doing this so the light that is you may be fully experienced through every aspect of your being: physically, mentally, and emotionally.


In the all that is, there is but one.

There is only you.

You are the one.

You are the light.


You are the soul magnificent and unfolding, blossoming and blooming by your sheer existence. "


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