The Sweet Surrender


  Your Time is Now to Rise up

Let GO and ALLOW the Flow of FREEDOM!

Take this journey with the Light Council as you are supported and guided to hand it all over, surrender and allow Source to purify you. That which was created in the density of the old 3D reality is up for review and the parts that are no longer in service of your highest and greatest good are ready to be released.

Ignite the sacred flame of your truest power to release and reconcile, for your greatest good and highest joy. The things, people, agreements, beliefs, karmas, lacks and limitations are complete and now you may let them go. 

Allow the love of Gaia to release you and purify within her womb to become refreshed, reborn and reNEWed. Receive the activation to allow that which is complete to be released or transmuted, your freedom awaits.

 You shall become whole, sovereign and free…It is your time to rise up NEW.

Grab Your Sourced to Letting GO Meditation Below:

This is a Wonderful Opportunity:

 To move through the portal of your own Awakening 
To get clear on what is happening globally
To learn how to navigate the unknown
Experience a cellular reboot to optimize your wellbeing

The time, my friend, is Now!


“Lisa is a magic worker. Within my time of working with her, she has pulled me out my darkness and into my truth and has helped me uncover my greatest gifts.”

Gillian Young-Barkelow / Women’s Health & Empowerment Coach

“Lisa is an alchemist who has opened up a new level of potential in my life.
She helps me see things clearly; to break old stories, and create a life
that I didn’t imagine possible before working with her.”

Sarah Kerruish / Documentary Filmmaker

“Lisa is a quantum soul shifter who elevates and activates through both the obvious of daily living and the unseen of true soul expression. She has helped me to elevate my life on all levels.
I am forever grateful for the time we have had together.”

S.D. / Philanthropist


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