“Lisa’s sessions are pure gifts. She accurately delivers ways to tap into your own inner guidance and gracefully assists with wisdom and insight when needed by delivering truth and guidance. Her insights elevate and inspire you to live a more abundant, authentic and joyful life.”

~ Lauren Roxburgh, International Best Selling Author, Presenter

“Working with Lisa has been one of the most life-changing decisions of my life. I was led to her at a time when my spirit was opening up and I needed experienced, insightful mentoring and healing along my path.

Each session with Lisa has helped me clarify, heal and propel my life spiritually, professionally and relationally. She is available, genuine, compassionate and extremely intuitive.”

~ Dr. Karin Luise, Author, Transformational Coach

“Lisa is an alchemist who has opened up a new level of potential in my life. She helps me see things clearly; to break old stories and create a life that I didn’t imagine possible before working with her.”

~ Sarah Kerruish, Documentary Filmmaker

“She guides you through setting goals for your personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and she listens–both to what you say and to what you don’t say—to help you remove blocks… It is like a deep, spiritual house cleaning. Lisa has not only helped remove blocks to professional freedom and creativity, but she has also helped me see myself with compassion, and become a more patient and loving partner and mother.”

~ Aimee Maddalena, Writer

“Lisa gets right to the root of any issue, she has an intense and magical way of creating an inner shift which helps to lift you to another place while giving you the tools to get yourself there as well.

Working with Lisa just lit up the path I needed to go on, and very quickly things started to change for me. She gets right to it, sees the main issues that are holding you back, and then shifts your soul.”

~ Peyton Wilson, Documentary Filmmaker

“Sessions with Lisa are a beautiful blend of divine inspiration, self-discovery, information, and epiphanies that create a real shift in one’s life.

Each session Lisa has been able to identify destructive patterns that were blocking my development within minutes. After days of processing these discoveries I was still in awe at how prevalent yet how hidden from my consciousness these patterns were. The change in perspective that follows is life-changing.”

~ Elda Pema, Research Scientist

“My sessions with Lisa have literally changed my life. She has helped me heal my relationship with change, fear, and anxiety. Most notably physically, I am now able to control my anxiety for the first time in nearly 10 years. To think this miracle is just one piece of the puzzle amazes me. After every session I feel the changes instantly in my mind, body and soul.”

~ Jamie Gerber, Human Resources Director

“Lisa shows you how to the open doors in your life, not only invites you to enter, but can ignite the flame that allows you to finally step through. She gives voice and vision to the latent possibility that lies within you and kindly suggests, how about now?”

~ Sharon Roberts, Lawyer

“I started working with Lisa and she helped me focus my vision, work through my challenges and I am so grateful that I found her. I would not be where I am now if not for her coaching and energy work. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to take their life to the next level.”

~ RoseAnne Fischer

“Lisa’s warm heart, inner wisdom and the intuition gleaned from the divine all tap into the gift of really getting to the source of an issue or the source of promise and manifestation.

When I began working with Lisa, I was spiritual. Now, I’m connected. That connection has taken me from a lonely, confused, adrift woman to centered, open, joy-filled, and understanding of my source of truth. Lisa helped me awaken ME.”

~ Steffanie Gamecho

“Lisa is a magic worker. Within my time of working with her she has pulled me out my darkness, into my truth, and helped me uncover my greatest gifts.”

~ Gillian Young-Barkelow, Woman’s Health & Empowerment Coach

“Lisa is a modern day manifestation expert! She is a master of abundance. She has taught me not only how to figure out what was important to me but how to make it real in my life.

Lisa is a magic maker, a guide to help you through it all, a manifestation expert, She can help you achieve anything in life you truly want.”

~ Liza Rosen

“Lisa has introduced me to a world of depth and creation well surpassing all previous experiences. She has guided me lovingly up each step up my personal ladder of creation and the manifestation of my life’s divine purpose and power.”

~ Sue Lacraw, Designer

“Lisa was able to shine a light to illuminate my path and help me to clear the obstacles from my past. Her profound intuition and gentle guidance helped me to find my way back to myself and a more authentic life.”

~ Shawna Garritson, Intuitive


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