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This meditation library will lead you through several different activations, meditations and opportunities for transformation. Please enjoy when you are able to be fully present to receive the transmission.

Please Do Not listen while driving, it is best if you can listen with a headset, each one is under 15 minutes. This is cellular activation. It is important to receive the transmissions fully and take the time needed for integration.

Sourced In Infinite Possibility

Allow the central sun to activate your feeling state and welcome you home to your higher 5D expression. This is best done sitting with your third eye to the sun. The mind thinks, the soul feels.

5D Creator Activation

Journey beyond the limits of your conscious thoughts and activate into the 5th Dimensional awareness so you may begin to create all that is possible for you.

Abundance Manifestation Activation Loop

Rewriting cellular imprints while reprogramming your brain brings you into alignment to receive your greatest prosperity and abundance. This is a coded clearing. It is best to listen as you are falling asleep with a headset.

Activate Your Intuition

Take a journey deep within your third eye to clear your pineal gland and activate a new light frequency. This meditation will enhance your awareness and increase your intuitive knowing over time.

Awaken to Remember: You Are An Infinite Being

Take a journey to summon the truth of who you are at a soul level. Simply remember what it is that you have forgotten: You are an extraordinary being and a divine creator!

Body Brilliant, Body Beautiful

Walk through the veils of time and space to heal each and every time when you have denied or shamed your physical body. Experience quantum healingand fall in love with the body temple that so graciously carries you.

Beautiful Sovereign You

Take this inspirational journey to become fully remembered for your truest essence. From this place, everything comes to light through holy and sacred union

Central Sun Activation

Allow the central sun to activate your feeling state and welcome you home to your higher 5D expression. This is best done sitting with your third eye to the sun. The mind thinks, the soul feels.

Chakra Activation Across the Rainbow Bridge

Walk through a light frequency activation as each chakra is cleared, enhanced and expanded. This aligns your energy body for greater presence and profound abundance.

Crystalline Creator of Light

Journey to your souls crystal marker held within the womb of mother Gaia. Become purified, whole and remembered. You are the lock and the key. It is through you that the New Earth is being birthed.

DNA #1 Initiate Activation

Awaken and connect dormant DNA strands, called “junk” DNA to elevate your senses and expand your vibration to a quantum level. This is the initiation of the series and must be done first.

DNA #2 Chromosome Purification

Travel deeply into the master strand of DNA to purify and release the programs, imprints and ancestral limitations. Allow yourself to be initiated back to your original blueprint and find your truest power.

DNA #3 Connect to the 5D Grid

Initiating the connection of your expanded DNA to the higher dimensionality of the 5th Dimension. Align to higher frequency and elevate both your inner and outer life.

DNA #4 Diamond Activation Into 5D

The activation of your DNA allows for the journey of Awakening to occur with greater ease. This meditation connects you with the diamond grid and creates rapid transformation for you as the listener.

DNA #5 12th Strand Activation

Expanding your higher selfs awareness into quantum frequency. Activate your souls wisdom and bring yourself home to a higher state of consciousness.

Galactic Clearing - A Journey of Release

Allow this activation to clear away that which is complete, bring back all of your parts and align you to your highest vibrational frequency. This tool can be used anytime you are feeling out of sorts and it is encouraged to put this into practice on a daily bases.  

Golden Spirals of Light

Take a journey deep with in the Golden Spiral of Light Activation. Receive the full frequency to align with your greatest manifestation and most expanded vibration yet.

3rd Eye Journey - A Journey of Deep Understanding

This journey is a process that can take some time to master. It is suggested to listen just before sleep and let it guide you to a new sight. This moves you into greater galactic sight in 5D consciousness. 

Journey to Your Womb Room

Take the journey beyond the Matrix of the Mind into the place of your souls’ wisdom. Use this tool to set yourself free as you move from 3D interference to 5D consciousness.

Magical Manifestation Mindset- Remembering The Truth

Take a walk through the mind-field of remembrance to re-align the simple truth that you are one with everything that has ever existed.

Meet Your Angels and Guides

Take a journey through your heart to welcome all the divinity that is with you at all times. These beings are to be felt by you and are here to love and support you. You are never alone!

Move Beyond the Limits of Your Mind

Connect to your soul’s wisdom. Giving yourself the freedom to move beyond the programs and limitations of the mind and into your higherself’s truth.

Release Anxiety

Allow this tool to inspire your shift from the stress and pain of anxiety to the calm and presence of your truest frequency. You are not alone.

Sourced to Gaia

Reconnect umbilically to mother earth to stabilize, neutralize and become one with source. This aligns you for the receiving of greater love and manifestation of your earthly desires.

Truth Spoken Activation

Your heart knows the truth of all things. As you heal the shadows of the old, you find your truest expression. Your light must shine freely forth, now is your time.

Unlocking Your Purpose

You have a divine purpose. This journey will lead you clearly to your path and will walk you through the veils so that you may claim your truth and reveal your soul’s calling. The time for you is now!

Union of Divine Feminine and Masculine

You are a very Special Soul! You have chosen to be here during the most magnificent time the earth has ever seen. You standing clearing in your worth allows for you to be in your greatest service.

You Are Special - A Truth Activation

You are a very Special Soul! You have chosen to be here during the most magnificent time the earth has ever seen. You standing clearing in your worth allows for you to be in your greatest service.


These Messages Come From Acsended Beings who call themselves "The Light Council".

They are intended to inspire, guide, activate, and connect you to that which is greater, your higher self and the planet all at once.

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"We have moved mountains for you, dear one, so that your ascension may be met with greater ease.

We will continue to move mountains, depart seas, and shine light where light has never before been shown.

We do this so that this journey to your enlightenment may be as fluid as is humanly or beyond humanly possible.

We have built bridges.

You have transcended.

We do this for you so that you might know freedom, joy, and love."

"There is but one light, but one frequency, but one vibration, but one ray, but one way.


It is the one of which you are currently riding upon, the one which is currently alive within you.


There is only one way of being, and it is alive within you in this very moment, as you are reading these words and feeling these sensations.


There is but one truth: all of the universe itself is working for you and creating on your behalf.


It is doing this so the light that is you may be fully experienced through every aspect of your being: physically, mentally, and emotionally.


In the all that is, there is but one.

There is only you.

You are the one.

You are the light.


You are the soul magnificent and unfolding, blossoming and blooming by your sheer existence. "


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