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Soul Alchemist

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Light Council Channel

Unleash Your Potential: Harness Your Inner Power, Transform, and Rise

Welcome to a remarkable voyage of self-discovery and empowerment, where you will unlock the depths of your true brilliance and wholeheartedly embrace your divine essence.

Illuminate Your Path: Embrace Your Radiant Light, Transmute, and Elevate

Join me on a transformative expedition to unleash your limitless potential, allowing your inner radiance to guide you towards personal evolution and ascension.

Tap into Your Inner Alchemy:

Catalyze Change, Transcend, and Soar

Awaken your innate alchemical abilities, igniting profound transformation within yourself and transcending to new heights of Spiritual Growth.

Remember Your Sacred Purpose:

Embrace Your Authenticity, Transfigure, and Ascend

Immerse in the remembrance of your sacred purpose, as you step into the fullness of your authenticity, transfigure your being, and embark on a magnificent journey of ascension.

Unveil Your Divine Light:

Empower Your Essence, Transform and Rise

Let us embark on an awe-inspiring expedition, where you’ll unveil the brilliance of your Divine light, empower your true essence to transform and rise to extraordinary heights.

“We have moved mountains for you, dear one, so that your ascension may be met with greater ease. We will continue to move mountains, depart seas, and shine light where light has never before been shown.

We do this so that this journey to your enlightenment may be as fluid as is humanly or beyond humanly possible.

We have built bridges. You have transcended.

We do this for you so that you might know freedom, joy, and love.”

The Light Council –
Channeled by Lisa

“Lisa McCardle is the real deal. Her intuitive gifts and capacity to channel healing and critical insights have been a key to navigating one of the most challenging chapters of my life. Literally, after a group webinar on financial prosperity, I experience a financial miracle. I believe it had so much to do with how Lisa helps us to choose a mindset that supports our highest good. If you believe in the magic of allowing, Lisa is your guide to divine wisdom.”


“It is amazing to see Lisa in her element. It’s so encouraging to witness her changing the world through the way she empowers individuals to be their most whole and biggest selves, and in the way Lisa models the intuitive and receptive way of perceiving and being… She is by far the most loving and powerful healer that I know, anywhere.


“What Is This Precious Love And Laughter Budding In Our Hearts?

It Is The Glorious Sound Of A Soul Waking Up!”

~ Hafiz


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