Awakening the power of the divine feminine

 to stand in unity consciousness

heal the traumas of old

 and rise the new earth through the heart beat of one womb!

What You Will Receive:


  • Support, spiritual guidance, activations and channeled wisdom essential to move you through the Portal of Awakening
  • Connection with a community of like minded woman on a similar journey of awakening to remember as you.
  • Accelerators to support your body, mind and spirit along the path of honoring your fully sourced and sovereign QUEEN self.
  • Space to embrace ascension, feel seen, heard and understood so that you can move back into the world with confidence, clarity and purpose.
  • Choice of three levels only $33, $77/month no with obligation, cancel at anytime, all calls are recorded in case you can’t make it live.

SUPER SOUL ~ Gold Level

Super Soul Activator Calls

  • Monthly Call with live channels from The Light Council
  • Mid-Month Mini Tune-Up

Monthly Energy Video Forecast

Discover what to expect with each month’s energies so you can prepare and align yourself


Monthly MP3 Meditation

A tailored meditation, supporting each month’s specific energies to ground, expand and support you.

Private Facebook Community

Receive ongoing support, weekly integrations, pop-up live teachings, and a ton of inspiration!


2 Payment Options:


Cancel anytime


2 Months Free

SOUL MASTERY~ Platinum Level

Same As Gold Above with:

  • Monthly Call with live channels from The Light Council to optimize the months frequencies 
  • Mid-Month Mini Tune-U

Soul~Mastery Activator Class

  • An third monthly call for personalized mini 1:1 reading in a group format
  • Get your specific questions answered live by  Lisa and the Light Council

Access MP3 Meditation Library

A library of audio meditations to support you in connecting with your highest connection with self and Source.

20% Discount on 1:1 Sessions

For those committed to diving deeper into transformation and working with Lisa at a higher level at an exclusive 15% discount.

2 Payment Options:

$77/ Month

Cancel anytime


2 Months Free


“Working with Lisa has been one of the most life-changing decisions of my life. I was led to her at a time when my spirit was opening up and I needed experienced, insightful mentoring and healing along my path.”

Dr. Karin Luise / Author, Transformational Coach

“It is amazing to see Lisa in her element during a workshop.. It’s so encouraging to witness her changing the world through the way she empowers individuals to be their most whole and biggest selves, and in the way Lisa models the intuitive and receptive way of perceiving and being.”

Jessica Neffeasy / Designer

“Lisa shows you how to open the doors in your life, not only invites you to enter, but can ignite the flame that allows you to finally step through. She gives voice and vision.”

Sharon Roberts / Lawyer


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