DNA | A 5-Part Activation

~Journey Through The Cells~

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DNA Activation

As you embark on this 5 part series you will  journey toward awakening, restructuring, recoding and expanding  the very matter of your human form, your DNA- Leading you to settle into a higher vibration which keeps you connected to both your higher self and the quantum field.

Just think how life will be when you can access all that is truly available to you? Join me in awakening the magic within. 

Tired of Going in Circles? It’s Time to Activate and Align Your Full Potential.

We’ve all been there – committed to transforming our lives through personal growth, only to end up falling back into the same limiting thoughts and habits. It can feel frustrating and hopeless, like being locked in an experience of repeating the same loops over and over.


What if I told you there’s a missing piece to the puzzle? A way to finally break free and step into your true power?


Introducing Activating Your DNA – the first course that shows you how to unlock your full spiritual potential by activating the 97% of your DNA that lies dormant.

Modern science is now confirming what ancient traditions have known all along: Your DNA holds the keys to transcending our limitations, elevating your consciousness and aligning with your highest potential. But for most, the majority of your genetic code remains inactive.


Activating Your DNA is the instruction manual for awakening your full energetic potential. You’ll discover:

  • Cutting-edge techniques to activate the dormant aspects of your DNA

  • How to ignite and awaken your “junk DNA” that has been passed down through generations

  • The cellular technology behind transforming deeply ingrained thoughts and habits

  • A step-by-step blueprint for maximizing your spiritual abilities


This isn’t just theory – it’s a proven system channeled through spirit to serve humanity. Many have already used these principles to transcend addictions, depression, anxiety and more.

Activating our DNA provides the missing link for personal and collective transformation. It’s the foundation for all other spiritual work, allowing you to finally experience the lasting breakthroughs you’ve been seeking.

No more endlessly searching for the next book, seminar or retreat. This time, make transformation stick by activating your spiritual DNA, coming into vibrational alignment and living your soul’s truest expression .

5 Pre-recorded Meditations for you to receive in your own time to activate your DNA from the awakening of your Junk DNA to the 12th strand spiral of light.

#1- Awakening the Divine DNA: Prime and awaken.

Create the terrain for the revelation of your illuminated higher frequency. As the portal opens an awakening in your DNA makes itself available. Junk DNA activates, dormant DNA awakens and your full expression begins to come into alignment.

#3- Redesigning Your Inner Landscape: Connect and Elevate

There is a star seed of power and truth that lives in the core of your being. As you journey deep into the terrain of your inner landscape you shift your energetic continents and remap the landscape. Laying the foundation for new heart sequencing and a connection not to your past inheritances but your truest expression. 

#2- Filling the Golden Chalice: Purify, Open and Reconfigure

The CORE TRUTH of who you are is housed in your cellular structure, not in the stories or experiences that have imprinted you. Purify your cellular structure and fill the Golden Chalice of this human form with the pure light of your soul’s purpose.

#4-The Illuminated Diamond: Illuminate, Consecrate and Accelerate

Your body, mind spirit are like a multifaceted diamond holding all the wisdom and clarity there ever was and will be. Call forth your intuitive wisdom at an accelerated pace as you anchor the seeds of clarity in the diamond of the third eye. All clarity resides within and without. You are timeless in your ability to know your worth, trust your discernment and catch all the light around you. 

#5- The Spiral Dance-12th Strand Activation: Completion, Coming home

This final DNA activation is intended to clear any resistance that is left and fully lock in the energetics of giving and receiving. You will align with unity, connectivity, wholeness and one with source. You are the infinite creator of your divine reality. Let us call it in and lock it in. 

 Creator of Inner Wisdom Awakening, Lisa McCardle is an international best selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, Intuitive/Medium, Transformational Life Coach and Light Council Channel. Her passion is supporting humanity to actualize their souls calling, so they may live an awakened and fully on purpose life.  

For nearly 30 years, Lisa has guided high-powered executives, celebrities, and everyday people through the process of clearing for expansion, finding purpose and reclaiming true personal power. She is passionate about supporting souls to plug back into the source of which they were created, to awaken their fullest potential and watch the magic of their extraordinary life unfold before them.

Praises from Students

~Lisa McCardle is a blessing! She has helped me on many levels through her words of compassion and guidance. Her ability to clearly channel the messages from The Council of Light is quite phenomenal. The council offered me a technique for moving a frequency though my body and to purge some old energies that I was ready to release. I have been so confident, happy, and productive in my business ever since our work together. ~Ginny 


My sessions with Lisa have literally changed my life. She has helped me heal my relationship with change, fear, and anxiety. Most notably physically, I am now able to control my anxiety without medication for the first time in nearly 10 years. To think this miracle is just one piece of the puzzle amazes me. After every session I feel the changes instantly in my mind, body and soul. ~ Jamie 


Lisa transmits both information and energy. Psychic information without energy doesn’t cause transformation. She blends different light systems and creates the energetic charge that makes things change within days and even hours. ~ Jen


While many light workers have the ability to see and transmit information, Lisa puts one in charge of the process by inviting you to participate in the co-creation of something amazing. These teachings are the gift that keeps on giving. ~ Elda

I had quite an experience during the activations, a sense of moving through space and time back into the eternity that surrounds us. I really felt a sense of Astro travel. I became more in touch again with my soul and less so with the physical body. The attachment was loosened.  ~ Jasmine

Since receiving the activation, I am  more comfortable in my body.I have been having a lot of issues around aging of late once again tied to the physical, and now I am much more clear about the fact that there is no age and no time within the soul. ~ Judith 


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