Solstice officially occurs at 8:27am PST today. This day of honoring the season of winter and welcoming back the light.

On this, the shortest day of the year, the day with the greatest offering of darkness, I honor you and the journey of awakening you have been on.

Winter Solstice is an opportunity to put to rest that which is complete, to unearth your old (no longer serving) beliefs, fears, and limitations. As you move deeper into the womb and inner reflection, what are the shadows of your own light that are found within the deep chambers of your heart?

This Solstice is an exceptionally powerful time to experience pure manifestation magic! Choose well my friend.

Most are experiencing the polarity of the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, colliding with the internal re~workings of the dark, cold, and transforming energies of the Solstice.

Even though this experience of duality is averse by nature, there is an amazing opportunity to harness the power of both, as the stars align to activate these opposing forces into fuel, Creating…

Momentum. Movement. Action

As you emerge once again from the darkness, it is a potent time to embrace the joy as the promise of new life begins to stir within you.

A powerful time to set intentions for the New Year and to vision what seeds you will plant as the spring equinox will be with us in but a blink of the eye.


A Solstice Ritual
(Gifted by a dear Soul Sister/Client)

-Spend as much of the day in the dark as is possible

-Light a white candle

-Take a large piece of paper and fold it in half

-Write a list of all the things that are NOT serving you, are dissatisfying and/or are complete

– Really be honest with this list feel into each one

– One by one, bless it..offer gratitude and love for it served you in some manner or you would not have created it

– As you are complete cross it off, thick heavy line straight through the middle

-On the other half of the page, write what you WILL have instead…Bless each as you FEEL the experience of having this transformation in the cells of your body. Become a vibrational match with your new creation.( Example: Debt–Transforms to— Wealth, Ease, & Freedom)

– When you are done tear the page down the middle

– Burn the old page

– After the fire has burned and cooled gather a piece of charred wood to use in your fire for your next ritual

– Place the NEW list in a jar or an envelope with the charred wood on your alter or in a sacred place

-Plant the list in the ground on the spring Equinox, use the charred wood to start a new fire to burn your intentions into reality


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