Happy Love Day!

In my meditation this morning I was taken on a journey of love so pure and expanding at such a powerful rate that its natural force and momentum was being created to spill outward to touch 1 million, 2 million, 3 million and on and on it went.

Did you feel it?

How are you celebrating love today? Is there a ritual you are willing to put into place? Is there a way you can expand your love today? First towards yourself? For your family? For your community? For the planet?


1 red candle

1 white candle

1 long stemmed Red or White rose


If you are summoning love then use the red candle and the red rose, if you are summoning greater abundance and manifestation then use the white.

Want both? Use both

Sit with your desired outcome, feel it, really feel it until it becomes one with your current energy…as if it has arrived.

Take a thorn from the rose and etch your wishes upon the candle. Just a word or two or three to capture the essence of what you are seeking to receive.

Write a letter of gratitude for receiving this into your life, and be very specific as to what has changed in your life since receiving the thing of your intention (Yes dream in here and truly FEEL what it feels like to be living in this creation) Place this letter near or under the candle.

Burn the candle each day for three days (the power is magnified if you burn the candle all the way down and plant the remains in the earth…a soy candle is best)

Place the rose in a vase next to the candle

Each time you light the candle say your blessing, be sure never to blow the candle out as you don’t want to blow your creation away (either pinch or snuff the flame).

Set your intentions, your gratitude, and open to the fullness of receiving.

I Love

I love so that I may be the purest vessel and expression of Divinity

I love so that I may be in union and grace with my own sovereignty and that of Creator

I love for the hearts of each mother who awaits the birth of a yet unknown angel to push fiercely through her into this world for its own unique and divine purpose.

I love for the family hiding in their homes for fear of the knock upon their door telling, them that this reality that they have created is no longer theirs to hold.

I love for the seedling that has sat in the darkness night and day awaiting its glory of the sun, so it might crack its shell and offer beauty to those who are privileged enough to walk upon its path

I love for the woman who released her flesh yesterday, the one who has lived to the edges of time, who has witnessed and created and who no longer was in need of the pain this body was offering her

I love for the mother who receives poison in her veins so she may continue her fight for life. The fight for this child to know his mother for another day, another month another year.

I love for the man who loves another man and has waited his entire life to celebrate this love, only to turn back behind the veil and wait some more.

I love for the family that knows God by their own choice, in their own way… though thousands of years old, is still not seen as safe or valued because it is yet to be understood.

I love for the children born to this world at this time to hold a new perspective, a New Light. A new degree of love…their souls unmarred and unfamiliar with the pain and anger they are experiencing here. But knowing their mission is to transmute it

I love for the truth tellers who are breaking through the limitations and lifting the veil so YOU may see hope and light

I love for the earth, dearest Gaia as you hold us even when we have forgotten how to hold you, like ungrateful teenagers trampling upon the only safe place they have ever known.

I love for woman who stand up and say not my body, not now, not ever…This vessel is sacred and so it shall be honored

I love for my own body as it shifts and morphs itself into an entirely new way of being, honoring both the middle woman and the crone as it dances on a tightrope in between

I love for the men who rise to stand in unity and alignment with all humans to build the bridge from separate to unified.

I love for the presence of the divine forces, seen and unseen, who wait patiently for our awakening, so they may gently guide us through the gateway of a new tomorrow, waiting for us to simply ASK them for their service and offer gratitude for their support.

I love for You, for the precious seed you hold in your own heart that blossoms over and over again each time, bringing you closer to your own infinity, closer to your own love, closer to God.


I love:

Because LOVE is the answer

Because Love is the salvation we seek

Because Love is inclusionary, knowing no boundaries of space, time, color or creed

Because Love IS the prescription for change

Because Love is the vibration I am choosing to hold

Because Love is the key to opening a box that was locked a long time ago that has held us back from the truth of what is possible for us here and now

Because at the end of the day…there is NO other way!


I Love…I Love…I Love…I Love You….and so it is!


My Love Grows as You do,


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