As you turn your gaze to what you are in gratitude for this day, I ask only that it be the beginning of a daily practice.

Gratitude is the very essence of what aligns your being to receive more of the deliciousness of which you are rejoicing. It is perhaps the #1 tool of manifestation, creation, and living an abundant life!

My gratitude this day goes to you.

The fact that you are a human BEing on the planet during this time of tremendous upheaval and transformation makes YOU a special soul, a change-maker and a light carrier.

I am truly Blessed and deeply Grateful to walk this path with you no matter where on the journey we may be.

It has been a long time since I have connected, Where have I been?

I have been in the deep chrysalis of internal growth and cellular transformation. What a wild journey it has been! You too?

You may ask, Lisa, what does that really even mean?

It means I have hit the big fat pause button!

Not an easy thing to do for a constantly moving, believer that busy meant success, creative, over achieving soul…But I had no choice.

In the late spring I was feeling more and more pulled inward, into myself into spirit into a deepening truth of Who Am I and How Do I Serve?!

These questions had pulled me inward at an accelerated rate, that quiet honestly I never even knew was possible. This had me questioning everything. My purpose, my mission, my message, my choices, my relationships.

Pretty much everything was up for evaluation.

And as a result I stopped writing to you! In fact I stopped writing much at all.

So, What does any of this have to do with you?

I am inviting you into a powerful moment of self exploration. On this day as our intention turns to gratitude. I ask you what are you most grateful for and what is done, complete, finished, fineto, nada mas, no more in your world that is ready to be turned over and released?

Are you willing to pause everything for a minute, a day, a month or a year and explore what is real for YOU now?

My biggest takeaway from this six month hiatus has been to learn how to move from a state of DOing into a state of BEing..and it hasn’t been easy!

In fact, this is probably the hardest thing I have ever done…total and complete surrender. I stopped writing, blogging, teaching, group programs, I shut down a very engaging facebook group…My website even was dismantled.

I paused, I prayed, & I waited

Interestingly enough I found that I had more time, deeper connections with people, myself and Spirit. Also, I made more money in my pause then I had in the previous 3 years of pushing!

I am still deep in my metamorphosis and yet somehow I am ready to crack the chrysalis, peer out…let the world peer in. The door is not swung wide but it is opening slowly, consciously and rhythmically.

I am moving now from a space of greater authenticity, not schedules or “shoulds” but rather desires and truths.

I am writing this to you my friend because I desire to connect. I desire to offer you the depths of my gratitude for who you are in the world and the difference you are making by each word, each deed and the sheer volume of your presence.

I am not simply back! I am NEW!

My Prayer to You:

May you know the power of a deep pause, to realign yourself with what is true for you as you become the new human you are being recreated to be.

May you embrace the Human BEing no longer the Human DOing!

May you hold light deeply within and may it shine expansively outward as we collectively transform this planet into a new level of LOVE.

May you be clear of your purpose and how you may be of your greatest service.

May you know that you are safe and powerful even though the world seems unstable, unfair, and straight up Mad!

May you know that your presence here makes a difference and that you are here for a very specific reason.

May you know that you are loved.

Sending Love to Your Eternal Light,


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