Celebration is the starting place of which I meet every client. I am quite clear that celebration and gratitude carry the same frequency, resonate at the same vibration if you will, and are the key to living an abundant and joy filled life.

Today’s reflection has given pause to look at the ways of which we have lost the fine art of ritual in our culture. Also, how some of the rituals have transformed into something very different then their original intention, and how we can begin to move more intentionally through life with ritual.

What do you celebrate? How do you honor and create ritual in your life on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis? What are the milestones or experiences that you mark as worthy of celebration and ritual?

We are familiar with the “normal” celebrations and the rituals that go along with them…birthdays, weddings, babies, proms, deaths, religious holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter. But is it enough? And is it met with as much intention, focus, and presence as is needed to cultivate a rich experience? Is there room for more?

What is Ritual?

“A ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order”- Webster. Or, “ A ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed in anyway, order or expression that you feel led to experience or create.”-Lisa

The truth is it is not important how the ritual is created. What is important that it simply IS created. Are you willing to embrace a greater sense of ritual and celebration into your life?

We experience ritual daily, brushing your teeth is a ritual, Is there a way that you could transform the simple act of brushing into a potent and intentional daily ritual?

I have taken to writing “ I Am Enough” on my bathroom mirror. So as I brush my teeth I am seeing myself standing in my enoughness!…I am also envisioning my gums coming into their healthiest state of being (which is working like a miracle according to my hygienist). This is also a contribution to my self care. I give gratitude for my pearly whites and the contribution they have made to my day and ultimately to my life.

This is ritual

What common everyday activities that you blast through mindlessly are you willing to transform into a daily ritual, an act of gratitude?

Today we experience a new moon in Aquarius, a day for quiet internal reflection. A potent day for clear intention setting. This moon has carried a degree of emotion with it, be gentle if your senses are heightened and you are processing through some old things. We are gearing up for a blast of creative outward energy so enjoy this quiet internal reflection.

Set clear intention, burn away the old and welcome the NEW.

As I turn to honor another trip around the sun on January 31st I am clear of the rituals that are important to me for honoring, celebrating, and giving gratitude. Like setting clear vision and intention for the year to come, drawing cards that become my power focus for the year. This is an amazing opportunity to give thanks to the amazing people in my world who let me know that I am loved, honored and supported…Ultimately to celebrate life and make some adjustments where needed.

In this moment I am honoring you, my reader, with a ritual.

I have lit a white candle and offered your being to stand in the light of divine opportunity…

“May this light burn away the old and that which is no longer serving you, may you know freedom of expression in every cell of your body. May your light be brighter than your fear, may your love burn brighter than your angst. May you know you are here for a purpose and may that purpose show itself gracefully to you. May you know your power, your worth, and that YOU ARE ENOUGH!. May you know that your presence makes a difference. May you know Gratitude and Celebration. May you know that you are loved and never truly alone. May you know that you are seen, heard, received, and appreciated in ALLways. So it is, and so it shall be.”


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