Hello Rock Star,

Are you living in the infinity of all possibility?

Are you setting intention to break through any and all limitation? To live full out and to be filled fully up?

Do you live in the And… or do you live in the Or?

See here is the thing, people who have navigated through resistance, through limitation and who have created a vibrational frequency of living an abundant life…they live in the AND.

Imagine your most abundant self sitting at a restaurant, You are super hungry and you are having a hard time deciding. Maybe you want steak, salad, scallops and this phenomenal salmon special.

Hmmm….What to do??

You have them both. Most are conditioned to look at the prices first and decide based upon cost. What would it be like if that was no longer how you made decisions about food, travel, lodging or straight up living?

I am by no means promoting a wasteful approach to life, but I am inspiring you into a reality where AND becomes more familiar than OR.

I have this beautiful, amazing, and talented client. She has decided to launch her own business. A business that will feed her with so much joy, while having tremendous impact on the lives of many others. After a few months of working together, while in the creative pre-launch process, she flushed out her truest vision and has taken action to bring it towards fruition. But there is still more to do and more time needed to fully launch.

During this process of creating, she has realized that her current J.O.B. is perhaps less than satisfying. So, off she went into the world to find her next interim job, while still walking the path of creating her dream experience (I struggle to call it a job, because once she is living it fully, it will most likely be purer pleasure).

She found one potential job and she feared that the time commitment and travel involved might ultimately take away from her ability to create her new entrepreneurial “experience”. Oh the pain of such a dilemma.

Living in the AND…she got creative.

She asked the new company if she could be a consultant for them and work on her own schedule.This gave her the time, freedom and space she desired while also moving her forward in her current situation.

You see she thought, “How can I have it all?” She kept asking how can I move from the AND,  therefore she created it.

Where could you turn your gaze upon the AND and open up a doorway or two (or 100) of possibility and unforeseen potential?

Limitation is a dis-ease on this planet, the cure begins with you opening to a possibility beyond what has perhaps ever been seen by you before. The time my friend is now.

You are standing smack dab in the middle of the birth of an entirely NEW way of being…the paradigm is shifting and you get to step through the veil of limitation and illusion and walk right into an entirely new way of being.

You don’t have to be brave, you said yes to being here now to help forge the way to bare light and to hold the vision and the possibility of what is available for those who can not yet see it.

You do get to be present.

You do get to transform.

You do get to hold hope.

You do get to live fiercely in the AND.

You do get to create a life beyond limitation and beyond your wildest dreams.

You do get to have all of this AND everything else your bountifully beautiful heart desires!


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