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I have been blessed to work Internationally with celebrities, high level female executives, influencers, world renowned authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, healers, artists, students, moms and the amazing woman next door.

I am honored to walk this path with you, as the magic maker that you are, from whatever life experiences you are emerging!

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Our time together is potent, we accomplish a phenomenal amount in the time that we have together.

Each session begins with a celebration anchoring in that which is serving you.

We will take a moment to connect to our divinity, to open the channels for guidance, wisdom and the called forth clearings to occur.

This is not future predicting or fortune telling…You already have all of the answers inside of you. This is an opportunity to connect your conscious knowing to your unconscious truth, so that you can BE the advocate, the seer and the creator of your own greatest future and fortunes.

"Lisa gets right to the root of any issue, she has an intense and magical way of creating an inner shift which helps to lift you to another place while giving you the tools to get yourself there as well.

Working with Lisa just lit up the path I needed to go on, and very quickly things started to change for me. She gets right to it, sees the main issues that are holding you back, and then shifts your soul."

~ Peyton Wilson, Documentary Filmmaker

"Each session Lisa has been able to identify destructive patterns that were blocking my development within minutes. After days of processing these discoveries I was still in awe at how prevalent yet how hidden from my consciousness these patterns were. The change in perspective that follows is life-changing."

~ Elda Pema, Research Scientist

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This Is Deep Cellular Healing, Activation and Transformation

All sessions are recorded for you to keep and revisit. Please be ready to pay at time of booking this is what anchors your appointment into my calendar. If you need assistance with booking, have any questions or need additional help please email

If you know you’re ready to take the deep dive into full transformation… To move into next level Ascension, to walk the pathway to fully align, and to create your extraordinary life through a 3-6 month commitment to yourself please