SHE Rise! ~Sacred Heart Emergence

Soul Initiation, Spirit Activation,

Self Transformation

The time has come for you to gather in a sacred circle, to remember who you are and to welcome your Divine Feminine expression to be deeply nurtured back into absolute power!

Are you longing for the space to bring your truest essence of self back online and to live from the place of wholeness that you know is possible?

Is the ancient wisdom of the times when women gathered in sacred space calling through your soul?

Now is the time for SHE ~

The Sacred Heart Emergence

It is a time like no other, the wombyn are being called to gather, to heal and to remember. This time has been prophesied for thousands of years. You incarnated on this planet for this exact moment and for this sacred act.

This is your time, the journey to ushering in the New earth is before you, it happens through you. Through your presence and through your connection back to yourself and the power that lives buried deeply within your womb space.

The time is now Sister!

SHE Rise!



⚜️ Judgment of yourself or your sisters in the  dance of jealousy or competition 

⚜️ The belief that you are past your prime, dried up or no longer relevant

⚜️ The past traumas of suffering, abuse and disconnection in your heart and womb

⚜️ The feeling of disconnection to Self, Higher Self and to Source itself

⚜️ A sense of being lost and unsure of your next steps or your purpose

⚜️ Living in any form of sacristy, lack or loss

⚜️ The lost parts of you who are wild, free and liberated



SHE Rise!

A Transformational Divine Feminine Initiation

⚜️ Are you ready to embark on a soul-stirring journey of self-discovery and empowerment?

⚜️ We will bring the ancient temple arts to the forefront of your emerging heart to embrace and embody the exalted feminine that is alive, or maybe now simply stirring from her sleep within you.

⚜️ You will release the pain of the past, forgive and reclaim your womb as the holy sacred vessel of creation that it is and has always been.

⚜️ This profound 4-Day Initiation will awaken the radiant Goddess within you. SHE Rise is a sacred space where you can release the old and become the NEW, embrace your inner strength, and reclaim your life filled with purpose and joy.

⚜️ The magic of Sedona holds the deep well of sacred wisdom to support the emergence of remembrance. As a great mother, SHE will offer her love, healing and otherworldly energy through you to support the profound transformation that awaits you.

⚜️ It is your time glorious Sister to be held in the reverence that you deserve while resurrecting the core of your sacred self.

~ Retreat Location ~

Sedona had welcomed me into her womb and now I welcome you to hers. I now understand that this was so I could in turn welcome you home to experience the profound energy of rapid, pure and deep transformation that awaits within her essence.

Within the folds of her potent tapestry there is fuel that ignites the curious and the weary, the seeker, the found, the student and the teacher that is alive within each of us. SHE Rise was whispered through my own soul’s journey some two years ago while in a personal retreat on this exact sacred land and now I have been summoned to welcome you through the portal of transmission.

It was very clear that Sedona is to be the location for the first ever SHE Rise gathering of the priestesses who are awakening to the truth of their calling and now is the time.

"I learned so much"

I was blessed to be able to participate in SHE Awakens.  It was truly and wholly transformational. I feel like I was finally able to remember, liberate, and rise into the deepest sacred parts of my divine feminine. I learned so much about sacred feminine practices, the history and suppression of the divine feminine and how to work with feminine archetypes and sacred sexuality. I highly recommend this feminine reclamation portal. ~ Nicole Keating- Sedona

"SHE ignited.. a spark of deep remembrance"

Lisa is a gift. She’s a generous teacher and a warm and loving sister. She ignited, in my soul, a spark of deep remembrance that I AM divine perfection as we all are, that individual strengths lie within each of us and as a collective of women and sisters, we hold and create a power that is unparalleled. We need all hands on deck right now and SHE will help to awaken and activate the power that is yours. ~Kim Dupre- Mexico

"It was a deeply moving experience"

Being the youngest woman in the SHE temple was a deep honor. Each temple gathering session felt like breathing life into all the parts of myself that lead me to purpose, service, and embodiment of love! It was a deeply moving experience to heal the divine feminine within myself alongside women of all ages with the same intention. ~Danielle Sherman,  CA

"She Awakens is the missing piece"

Lisa is a gift. She ignited, in my soul, a spark of deep remembrance that I AM divine perfection as we all are, that individual strengths lie within each of us and as a collective of women and sisters, we hold and create a power that is unparalleled. We need all hands on deck right now and SHE will help to awaken and activate the power that is yours.

She Awakens is the missing piece I have been searching for.  The most beautiful bloom of the heart and soul. Lisa is magic…it’s as if every word is meant for my soul.  This is the way home. ~Mel DeSouza- CA

Thursday Arrival:

  • Receive initial blessings and purification as you enter the Temple of SHE
  • Setting the sacred container, intentions and connection to anchor in safety and expansion.
  • Sound Bath to set the frequency and connect our hearts to the heavens and the earth.

Friday: Letting Go, Surrendering to the Divine Flow

Let go of the burdens weighing you down and surrender to the transformative power of the divine feminine. Together, we will explore practices that facilitate deep release and healing, allowing you to shed limiting beliefs, old patterns, and anything that no longer serves your highest good, simply to then rise up NEW.

  • Prayer Circle to set the day
  • Initiation #1- Death~ a journey of ritualizing the sweet surrender over of the parts of yourself that are complete. To be held and witnessed in a profound ceremony of letting go.
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Initiation #2- Resurrection~ Rising up in the proclamation of the I AM of the empowered, whole and holy YOU. 
  • Reclamation journey to the core of your soul self and avatar self
  • Temple Initiation Ceremony for Receiving the Codes of the Rose frequency

Saturday~ Remembrance/ Awakening the Ancient Temple Arts

As the sun rises on the second day, it’s time to awaken your inner fire and reclaim your power and purpose. Unleash your authentic self, tap into your innate strengths, and rediscover the limitless possibilities that await you. Prepare to rise from the ashes, stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Morning Session:

  • Prayer Circle to Set the Day
  • Initiation # 3: Womb Activation and the Ancient art of Oil Anointing

  • Journey to the Sacred land Sedona initiation.

  • Lunch/ Exploration in Sedona

    Evening Session:

    • Initiation # 4: Walking Your Sacred Path Initiation
    • Evening breath work journey/ Goddess dance release experience 

    Sunday~ Rebirth / Embracing the New

    You will emerge as a radiant being, ready to embrace the world with renewed vitality. Experience a profound sense of freedom, joy, and alignment as you step into your true self and embrace the divine feminine energy that flows through you. Your rebirth marks the beginning of a limitless journey of growth and fulfillment.

    • Prayer Circle to Set the Day
    • The Power of Sex Magic Transmission
    • Initiation #5: Purification Baptism with the Sacred Waters of Sedona
    • Ritual of Birth
    • Integration/ Closing Circle

    Join us at SHE Rise, where Divine Feminine energy ignites, heals, and empowers. Embrace the power of surrender, reclaim your purpose, awaken ancient wisdom, and experience a transformative rebirth.

    This retreat is your invitation to rise into your true essence and shine brightly as the goddess you are.

    Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Register for SHE Rise today and step into a world of profound feminine empowerment. The universe eagerly awaits your radiant presence. 🌺

     Your retreat includes all of the activities activations, experiences initiations and life time transformations, as well as a thank you gift to commemorate our time together.

    You will also enjoy a full weekend of fresh, local, delicious meals which include 

    • Friday breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Saturday breakfast and dinner (lunch can be on your own in Sedona)
    • Sunday breakfast and lunch


    $1333 Early Bird Pricing Ends August 31st

    ($1555 – 9/1 to 9/15 then Regular price of $1777)

     Have Questions? Schedule a Tea Time with Lisa 

    To register, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required. There are payment plans and I would love to create a scholarship fund for those in need.


    NOTE: The deposit ensures your spot and is not refundable. Due to food on location costs, there are no refunds on your balance for cancellations of any kind but credits for other events or services will be considered on an individual and as needed basis. 


    What’s Included

    The retreat will be housed in a beautiful Temple space on the sacred land of Sedona, AZ. Included are all of the activities, experiences, initiations, community and life time transformations, as well as a thank you gift bag offering of love to commemorate our time together.

    The included meals will be healthy, locally sourced, colorful and consciously created mostly organic delights to satiate and satisfy you (modifications will be made to serve your dietary needs).

    Included meals :

    Breakfasts- Friday, Saturday and Sunday

    Lunches- Friday, Sunday (Saturday will be on your own for lunch and shopping in Sedona if you would like

    Dinner- Friday, Saturday


    Lodging and transportation to and from the retreat is not included in the price, however a list of accommodation options to meet your taste and budget will be provided and there is an option for you to share an airbnb with the other participants if you’re interested. The nearest airports are Phoenix (2 hours) or Flagstaff (1 hour). There are shuttle services available and it is recommended to rent a car. 

    ~ Lisa McCardle ~

    I am a sacred teacher, an emissary of the light, an activation portal of remembrance. I stand as a bridge between time and space, parting the veils to the great remembrance. I hold a torch to the light of the Sacred Feminine to name and reclaim her Sacred Code of Goddess, Queen, Priestess. We shall rise and be delivered as we in turn usher in the rise and deliverance of the next golden age to birth the New Earth.

    I am a living conduit of channeled energies,  a wise woman of Crone age who has walked through the souls dark night to rise up to the remembrance and walk my sisters home with me. I serve as an oracle and speak the words for the councils of 13 both in galactic form as the Council of Light and as the Divine Mothers Council. I am an intuitive, quantum healer who has been in service to humanity for over 30 years. It is my great honor to walk this path home with you my Sister.


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