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You will receive code activations of abundance and balance to support as you move into the next season of your life and business. Release that which no longer serves, reclaim your power and gain clarity as to your next steps. You will be guided by the Light Council with this soul reading, DNA activation, and chakra balancing experience. Recorded for your easy access.


Join me November 9th-11th, 2023 in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, for a 3-day LIVE experience of deep healing, emotional alchemy, and life-changing transformation. Initiate and embody the CODES of HEAVEN.  Register before September 30th to grab the early bird special.

I am a sacred teacher, an emissary of the light, an activation portal of remembrance. I stand as a bridge between time and space, parting the veils to the great remembrance. I hold a torch to the light of the Sacred Feminine to name and reclaim her Sacred Code of Goddess, Queen, Priestess. We shall rise and be delivered as we in turn usher in the rise and deliverance of the next golden age to birth the New Earth.

I am a living conduit of channeled energies,  a wise woman of crown age who has walked through the souls dark night to rise up to the remembrance and walk my sisters home with me. I serve as an oracle and speak the words for the councils of 13 both in galactic form as the Council of Light and as the Divine Mothers Council. I am an intuitive, quantum healer who has been in service to humanity for over 30 years. It is my great honor to walk this path home with you my Sister.


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