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“Lisa’s sessions are pure gifts. She accurately delivers ways to tap in to your own inner guidance and gracefully assists with wisdom and insight when needed by delivering truth and guidance. For anyone who desires growth in all areas of life and a clear and grounded perspective, Lisa’s insights elevate and inspire to live a more abundant, authentic and joyful life.”

~Lauren Roxburgh
(International best-selling author of Taller Slimmer Younger)

“Working with Lisa has been one of the most life-changing decisions of my life. I was led to her at a time when my spirit was opening up and I needed experienced, insightful mentoring and healing along my path.

Each session with Lisa has helped me clarify, heal and propel my life spiritually, professionally and relationally. She is available, genuine, compassionate and extremely intuitive.

Lisa is the top in her field, and I am eternally grateful that the Universe brought us together.”

~ Dr. Karin Luise

“I was amazed by how big my transformation was just after one session with Lisa.  I feel more energetic, light, balanced and have more clarity then ever before. Lisa’s work is magical. Lisa is a master at healing and truly gifted at what she does.”

~Jen Devilliers, Health Coach/Detox Specialist

“During the time I worked with Lisa, I received the gift of a car and the highest income month since I became self-employed. Her invaluable help with learning a feminine model of money principles has helped me re-orient my relationship with money and create sound financial practices. Her gift of manifestation is a powerful tool that I am now learning to use to create the life I desire.”

~Karla Erovick, Marketing/Social Media Communications

“Lisa has truly changed my life. I sought Lisa’s services because I was feeling creatively stuck and hindered by doubt and indecision. Lisa was able to shine a bright light on the sources of everything that was holding me back, clear them, and facilitate my reintegration as a spiritual and creative whole. She has not only helped remove blocks to professional freedom and creativity, but she has also helped me see myself with compassion, and become a more patient and loving partner and mother. I am deeply grateful for the gifts Lisa’s light has bestowed on my family and me.

If you were to create a space that is just for you and spend time there with someone who is at once a life coach, therapist, cosmic guide, and best friend, that might describe your “work” with Lisa.  She guides you through setting goals for your personal, spiritual, and professional growth, and she listens–both to what you say and to what you don’t say—to help you remove blocks preventing you from reaching your goals.  It is like a deep, spiritual house cleaning, lifting up sofas, shining light in the dark places where cobwebs and dust bunnies have collected unnoticed for hundreds of years.”

~ Aimee Maddalena, Writer

“One session with Lisa is like 10 therapy sessions in one. She gets right to it, sees the main issues that are holding you back, and then helps you shift your soul. Our work together has totally transformed my life. Working with Lisa moves you through challenges in the most loving and powerful way. What would have taken me a year to sort out takes a month with Lisa. She gets right to the root of any issue; and, she has an intense and magical way of creating an inner shift which helps to lift you to another place while giving you the tools to get yourself there too.”

~ Peyton Wilson, Filmmaker  

“Working with Lisa has helped me to transform my life in the most positive ways. I was feeling as if I had veered away from my soul’s true purpose and was not experiencing the joy I knew was available to me. Lisa was able to shine a light to illuminate my path and help me to clear the obstacles from my past. I am so grateful to Lisa for sharing her love and wisdom with me. Her profound intuition and gentle guidance helped me to find my way back to myself and a more authentic life.”

~ Shawna Garritson, Educator

“It’s like therapy on fast-forward. That having an intuitive, energy healer tap into personal hurdles, challenges, and goals is like putting progress on fast motion video. The work is true help and healing.

Lisa-love and divine-insight and encouragement from both! Your warm heart, inner wisdom and the intuition gleaned from the divine all tap into the gift of really getting to the source of an issue or the source of promise and manifestation.

When I began working with Lisa, I was spiritual. Now, I’m connected. That connection has taken me from a lonely, confused, adrift woman to centered, open, joy-filled, and understanding of my source of truth. Lisa helped me awaken ME.”

~ Steffanie Gamecho, Corp Executive

“Lisa is a magic worker. Within my time of working with her she has pulled me out my darkness, into my truth, and helped me uncover my greatest gifts. There are not enough words to describe how deeply therapeutic our sessions have been – lifesaving even. She is truly gifted and a gift to us all.”

~ Gillian Young-Barkelow
Health Coach/Personal Trainer

“Lisa is a modern day manifestation expert! She is a master of abundance. She has taught me not only how to figure out what was important to me but how to make it real in my life.

She is a magic maker; a guide to help you through anything. She is highly intuitive and helps you work through things by allowing you to go inside and look for the answer. After a session I feel like a new woman. Lisa’s guidance has helped my life tremendously.”

~ Liza Rosen


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