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“I am both the seeker and the sought.

I have foraged through eternity to align in full consciousness, Here and Now!

Behold the truth of my teachings, for the river is vast and it is wide and those seeking consciously often fall in while dangling near the water’s edge. They will need saving, not for the fear of drowning but for the disillusionment of struggle that suspends their ability to relax into the comfort of the truth, to relax into the natural flow of the river of experience. These writings will guide you and therefore you shall too guide, they are like a recipe for transformation we shall meet and the truth shall be revealed.”

“But I am neither old nor young, well nor array.

The consciousness knows not of the body’s needs but only of its place in time, this is but one vessel of this soul to carry. Explain to the consciousness what the body wants through sensations, and colors, through feelings, and desires and quickly it will adapt.

Move in accordance with how you long to feel and again you shall be.

Stretch yourself as you stretch your self, build yourself as you build your self and dismantle your weights as you dismantle the weights that burden you.”

My precious child you are the heart of the planet, the beat of life, the vessel of which love pours forth to be held in the basin of truth. The fear that resides in the hands of many is in complete opposition to the love of the heart. Fear does not reside in the heart. It is not possible.

You are not created in such a manner. It resides in your hands, you hold it, which means you can at any time release it. Fear is like a virus. It only serves to create more of itself. It multiplies and at times it appears that there is no cure.

The cure lies within your heart. With each beat you say yes to love and love itself grows. When it grows to the state of which it pours over it is then caught within the tendrils of your hands and as it has been stated the light, the love always wins.

It is not even that you must choose one over the other. It is instead that you must gaze upon the one that you are in greater desire of being. What you focus upon naturally grows. Seek the love and it shall find you. Focus upon it as if it is God and it shall be all you see. It shall multiple itself and in so doing fear shall cease to exists. The days of fighting are over. We invite you into the fullness of allowing. This is the place where all becomes one and love becomes the badge of your honor.”

“The Presence of Silence

Let’s talk for a moment about what it means to be fully present. The presence of allowing your subconscious and your intuition to unwind and to deliver the truth of your purpose, your pathway, and your next greatest steps.

There is power in silence, it’s in the silence that the beauty of sound is heard and perhaps understood. When one sense is released the others shall be magnified.

Your senses bring you closer to God.

Your sense of well-being, of joy, of aliveness, and of liveliness is dependent upon your closeness to The Divine.

Humans are eternally cluttering their senses with bright and shiny objects… with light, sound, and ¬†technology… altering them with medications, drugs, inhibitors, prohibitors, elevators and accelerators.

The peace that is sought is found in the silence, in the absence…In the void. In the presence of all and of nothing, where light, sound, perception and knowledge all merge and converge into complete stillness.

Find your way back to the womb where the senses were pure the pulse was natural and all was possible.

Listen deeply to the rhythm…to the pulse of all creation.

Here you will find the truth! The truth of your purpose, your pathway, and your next greatest steps.”

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