Sacred  Hearts  Emerge


Calling the WOMEN… 

It’s Time to Rise and SHINE

A Virtual Sister Circle 

Jan 11th- Feb 15th, 2024

Thursdays, 5:30-7 pm PT/ 8:30-10 pm ET

(Recorded for your convenience) 


Have you left yourself behind sister? Lost the remembrance of how ripe, juicy and delicious you truly are?

Forgotten you are a force of creation in the lineage of the Divine Mothers truest Essence?

Have you dimmed your light for long enough so others may feel more seen, heard or comfortable.

Are You Tired? Tired of doing it all? Tired of taking care of everyone and everything, except your precious self?

It is time to RISE UP and REMEMBER your power, grace, worth and beauty and SHINE your LIGHT!


The time has come for us to heed the call of our inner voice, to awaken the power and wisdom that resides within us. No longer will we remain hidden or accept a passive role in the world. We are vessels of divine feminine energy, holding the ancient knowledge and secrets of the universe. We shall emerge reborn, complete, and empowered, claiming our truth with unapologetic conviction and shouting our proclamation of “I AM” to the world.

As the feminine rises, Mama Gaia will rise alongside us. Together, we will create a balance and unity of the masculine and feminine energies within each of us. We will clear the shame, pain, and confusion associated with these energies, allowing us to fully embrace our superpowers and create a harmonious world.

I am SHE, You are SHE, We are SHE, and together we rise as one. We stand arm in arm, heart to heart, womb to womb, united in our quest to usher in the second coming of the golden age.

 This  is  for  you  Beloved  if:

  • You are tired of over giving, over working and putting your well being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually last.


  • You feel invisible! Yet, your soul is ready to SHINE.


  • You are deeply longing for connection to women, to the earth and back to yourself.


  • You are being called to the ROSE…Her essence, smell, touch, look and feel.


  • You are remembering glimpses of past lives where you were held in intention, ritual, love and in high regard.


  • You have let the dragon of your vitality, power, sensual and sexual expression go to sleep in the dark cave of your womb for far too long.


  • You feel a calling deep within you, yet you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that is wanting to birth through you. You simply KNOW there is more, a calling.


  • You are READY to rise up, rebirth, remember and reclaim your truest balanced feminine power as you come out of the shadows and into the light!

This may not be  for you if you:

  • Are not yet ready, willing or able to take a deep dive into yourself and reclaim your power?


  • The sister wounds of mistrust are greater than your willingness to heal them.


  • Are committed to doing it all alone, “powering through” with sheer will and determination the masculine way.


  • Are convinced that suffering is the way to be holy, successful, in service and abundant.


  • Believe the “no pain, no gain” patriarchal lie.


  • Are not yet ready to lay down the sword of your suffering and to rise up remembered in your truest sovereign light.

 Week 1- CONNECT

We open the Temple gates to Connect, Anchor, and Remember.

Initiate the Feminine Codes to enhance your awakening.

Receive a Gaia  Womb Transmission

Creating sacred space and commit to healing yourself through ritual and ceremony


Anointing Ritual

Glyph and Symbol Codes of the Ancients for Embodiment

Hand Mudras to Accelerate

Mirror work Transmission of the ‘I AM’

Week 3-CLEAR

Meet the Dark Mothers and receive their loving initiation of love,

power and support to navigate the shadows and grief of awakening.

Allow that which is complete to fall away to

rise back up in your fullest light.

Week 4- RISE

Womb Healing and Clearing

Sex Magic Rites and Rituals

Rose Connection of the Sacred Flower

Manifestation the Feminine way

Week 5- SHINE

Discover your Rose Temple alignment

Meet and Receive Activation from your Priestess Avatar

Align to your Purpose in Service to the Feminine Pathway


Your Time is now!

I have been through the initiation of death, handed it all over. I have walked through the dark night of the soul only to have risen back to the light as I was resurrected, the ancient wisdom of the rose temple priestess lineage came to life within me. I have vowed the rest of my days in this human temple of body, to honor the remembrance of the exalted feminine frequency codes that live within each of us.

I have committed with my sacred waters, tears, breath and blood to open the dark cave where the feminine has hidden for long enough. I will stand here holding the light of truth within me as a lighthouse to guide all who are ready back to their greatest remembrance, power, force and freedom. 

I am SHE, You are SHE, We are SHE and together we RISE arm in arm, heart to heart, womb to womb…..

Are You feeling the CALL?

Are you ready? 

Sister, it’s time to break free from invisibility and reclaim your divine feminine power.

You hold the keys to ancient sacred knowledge within you, and it’s time for your rebirth as a whole, holy, and empowered being. The world needs you to rise up and remember your truth, to stand in your unapologetic proclamation of “I AM!”

As the feminine energy rises in the second coming of the golden age, Mother Earth calls upon you to stand up so she can rise too. Through our time together, you will receive direct channeled light transmissions and ancient temple remembrance to elevate your consciousness, activate the Divine Feminine Priestess codes within your DNA, and expand your feminine power and infinite wisdom.

Together, we will clear any shame, pain, or confusion around these divine energies and work towards creating balance and unity between the feminine and masculine frequencies within each human. Embrace this opportunity to connect with your inner power and awaken the priestess within you.

Embody  Your Sacred  Sovereign  Power

Lisa McCardle Head

I AM a sacred teacher, an ambasary of remembrance, who stands as a bridge between the veils of time to raise the feminine up to reclaim her priestess queen codes and holy service to the golden age birth of the New Earth. 

I AM a living conduit of channeled energies from the 13 Councils of Light, both galactic and the sacred mother goddess priestess’, an intuitive, quantum healer and wombyn committed to the rise of Gaia and humanity. 

The Healing Powers of SHE Awakens

Lisa, is a divine channel of beauty, purity, light, and love. Being a part of the SHE Temple was a gift.
Her soft yet potent presence is beautiful, and her transmissions are deeply powerful.

Lisa transmits immense love, wisdom, and a wealth of information about ancient practices for women to birth a new world we all know is possible.

~Lynn Kirkham

I was blessed to be able to participate in the SHE Awakens experience. It was truly and wholly transformational. I feel like I was finally able to remember, liberate, and rise into the deepest sacred parts of my divine feminine. Lisa has a beautiful way with words and holds a healing, nurturing and powerful energy.  It was a beautiful container and I learned so much about sacred feminine practices, the history and suppression of the divine feminine and how to work with feminine archetypes and sacred sexuality. I highly recommend this feminine reclamation portal.

~Nicole Keating

Lisa is a gift. She’s a generous teacher and a warm and loving sister. She ignited, in my soul, a spark of deep remembrance that I AM divine perfection as we all are, that individual strengths lie within each of us and as a collective of women and sisters, we hold and create a power that is unparalleled. We need all hands on deck right now and SHE will help to awaken and activate the power that is yours.
~Kim Dupre

Lisa is a gift. She’s a generous teacher and a warm and loving sister. She ignited in my soul a spark of deep remembrance that I AM divine perfection as we all are, that individual strengths lie within each of us and as a collective of women and sisters, we hold and create a power that is unparalleled. We need all hands on deck right now and SHE will help to AWAKEN and activate the power that is yours.

She Awakens is the missing piece I have been searching for.  The most beautiful bloom of the heart and soul. Lisa is magic…it’s as if every word is meant for my soul.  This is the way home.

~Mel DeSouza


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