You have done the New Year’s resolutions, grounded your energy, gotten clear on your vision, written down the intentions, pulled tarot cards, prayed and meditated on the New Year ahead …And now it’s time to align your energy to the frequency of becoming it all! It’s time to align your mind and your souls to become the actualized, living breathing conduit of the magic you know you are meant to be.

Let’s Flourish in 2024!

The magic and miracles begin when your soul takes the wheel and your energy aligns with your vision and you BECOME that which you desire!

What if 2024 is WAY more miraculous than anything you can possibly imagine?

You create from the truth of your vibration, your soul knows the way and your intuition is the GPS that aligns your path, while your essence magnetizes ALL the opportunities, magic, synchronicities and divine inspiration you require to become that which you most desire.

Let’s do this!

FLOURISH is a channeled guided journey, activation and soul transmission rolled into one, that will bring your mind, heart, and soul into cohesion for creation. On the eve of 2024 the time is perfect to connect deeply with your soul’s inner wisdom and receive the crystal clear guidance you need to walk the path of creating as if by magic in the New Year.

RECLAIM: The magic and miracles of your most EXTRAordinary life

ACTIVATE: Your aligned frequency to attract towards you what you most desire

ACCELERATE: True Manifestation from the core essence of your soul self

REMEMBER: You are the creator of it ALL

HEAL: The past to rise up holy and whole

CREATE: The life of your dreams

ACCELERATE: Your greatest intuition

ACTIVATE: Higher Self Soul guidance

2024 is Your Year to RISE & SHINE



“There is a powerful vessel of creation alive within you waiting to ignite”

~ Lisa McCardle~

What You Will Receive: 

  75 Minute Pre-Recorded Soul Activation and Life Purpose Assignment

Vibrational alignment with the magic you are creating in 2024

Your 2024 Power Word ~ The wand of manifestation

Love, Support and Wisdom from your Soul Sourced Self~ Let her show you the way to the most profound, aligned, prosperous and on purpose year yet!

Together We Rise!

Creator of Inner Wisdom Awakening, Lisa McCardle is a best selling author, award-winning speaker, soul alchemist and spirit channel

I am a sacred teacher, an emissary of the light, an activation portal of remembrance. I stand as a bridge between time and space, parting the veils to the great remembrance. I hold a torch to the light of the Sacred Feminine to name and reclaim her Sacred Code of Goddess, Queen, Priestess. We shall rise and be delivered as we in turn usher in the rise and deliverance of the next golden age to birth the New Earth.

I serve as an oracle and speak the words for the councils of 13 both in galactic form as the Council of Light and as the Divine Mothers Council. I am an intuitive, quantum healer who has been in service to humanity for over 30 years. It is my great honor to walk this path home with you my Sister.


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