Welcome to DNA~ A 5-Part Activation Series

~A Journey Through Your Cells~

#1- Awakening the Divine DNA: Prime and Awaken

 The terrain for the revelation of your illuminated higher frequency self is alive within the tapestry of these mediations. As the portal opens an awakening in your DNA makes itself available. Junk DNA activates, dormant DNA awakens and your full expression begins to come into alignment.  

 Create the landscape  for reconfiguring your DNA

Invite the Master DNA cellular structure to come on line

Reveal the codes of your higher frequency

Repurpose your “junk” DNA

 #2- Filling the Golden Chalice: Purify, Open and Reconfigure

The CORE TRUTH of who you are is housed in your cellular structure, not in the stories or experiences that have imprinted you. Purify your cellular structure and fill the Golden Chalice of this human form with the pure light of your soul’s purpose.

Pull your Master Cellular structure forth

Journey through the reconfiguration of your energy centers (chakras)

Purify and cleanse your chromosomal structure

Escort your vibration into its highest frequency

Secure your energetic bond to the Earth’s Crystalline core and the Quantum Cosmos


#3 Redesigning Your Inner Landscape: Connect and Elevate 

 There is a star seed of power and truth that lives in the core of your being. As you journey deep into the terrain of your inner landscape you shift your energetic continents and remap the landscape. Laying the foundation for new heart sequencing and a connection not to your past inheritances but your truest expression. 

Fan the Sacred Flame of desire

Mirror your Star Seed in your DNA

Activate the your body’s midline connection 

Summon the full activation of the 5D star codes

Harmonize all codes 

Utilize this meditation activation in your dream state to access the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and dimensions beyond. 


    #4-The Illuminated Diamond: Illuminate, Consecrate and Accelerate 

    Your body, mind, spirit are like a multifaceted diamond holding all the wisdom and clarity there ever was and will be. Call forth your intuitive wisdom at an accelerated pace as you anchor the seeds of clarity in the diamond of the third eye.  All clarity resides within and without. You are timeless in your ability to know your worth, trust your discernment and catch all the light around you.  

    Illuminate the phosphorescence of your 3rd Eye

    Connect to the 5th Dimensional Temple

    Awaken your intuitive wisdom

    Expand knowledge of the higher chakra systems 


      #5-  The Spiral Dance-12th Strand Activation: completion, coming home, locking it in.  

      This final DNA activation is intended to clear any resistance that is left and fully lock in the energetics of giving and receiving. You will align with unity, connectivity, wholeness and become one with Source. You are the infinite creator of your divine reality. Let us call it back and lock it in. 

      Map the spiral energetic expression from the body to the auric field

      Clear away any disruptors that have attached to your physical, emotional and mental bodies

      Learn to breathe and receive from the cellular to the auric field, in and out and back again

      Emanate your purest potential of love, light and empowerment out into the universe

      Call in the amplification of the spiral energy of wisdom, intuition, vibrancy back into your body and DNA



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