Thank You For Joining The 222 Ignition Portal

   Releasing Trauma- Turning Back To The Light 

Hello Golden Light Beam, 

I am honored to welcome you, as we join together and walk through the 222 Ignition portal that brings harmony, balance and divine LOVE alive within us. Together we rise up in remembrance and usher in The New Earth. This is one of the most potent experiences to ever occur on planet earth, I am honored to walk through the doorway to the other side with you!

The only things that you’re needing to do right now are:


  • Get yourself and your space prepared to become inspired, aligned, and fully activated with new light codes to activate your divine manifestation.
  • Gather a new white candle to use for our ritual.

This portal activates the higher light codes of remembrance for unity, connection, harmony, balance and LOVE.


Love to Your Light, Lisa  



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