Turn the Shadows into LIGHT and Rise UP NEW!

Release Trauma and Grief &

Resurrect Your Light

TURN ON Crystalline Light Codes

IGNITE Organic Manifestation Magnification Codes for Receiving


 RELEASE Lower World Density Trauma/Grief and Programming

 COLLAPSE Polarity, Duality, and Separation

CEREMONY to setup a light GRID

EMBODY Unity consciousness

CREATE Harmony and BALANCE the Masculine and the Feminine POWER within you

The 222 Activation is an Event Like NO Other ~

It’s Your Time to RELEASE to RISE UP New

You are The ONE!

We are wanting you this day to be in the remembrance that you are separate from nothing. Everything that is being experienced in, of, and around you is an expression that is curated through you.

The quickest way home, dear ones, to your salvation, to your sovereignty, to your utopic Gaia world experience, is to remember that you are the infinite point of all creation and that the moment your breath matches the frequency of your homescape, the entirety of planet earth shall be delivered home through you.

~ The Light Council Channelled by Lisa ~

The 222 Crystalline Light Body Ignition

A 75 min Live Channelled Activation


“Allow LOVE to Be Your Sword and LIGHT Your Shield”

~ Lisa McCardle~

What You Will get:

 A 75 Minute Activation 

Guided Journey to Release Trauma and Receive the next ASCENSION LIGHT CODES!
Turning point of the ages, aligning you to your souls remembrance

LIVE Channel Ignition with The Light Council
Receive their love, support and clear guidance.

BONUS: Receive Ceremony Instructions for Opening a Galactic Light PORTAL
We Rise Together as ONE!

Creator of Inner Wisdom Awakening, Lisa McCardle is an award-winning speaker, life mentor and soul guide.

For more than 25 years, Lisa has guided heart centered servant leaders, high powered executives, celebrities, and everyday women through the process of clearing for expansion to reclaim their power and their purpose.

Her Mission is to support the awakening of humanity and to walk with you through the portal of awakening so that you may release limitations and the illusions of separation and walk boldly through the doorway of your own sovereignty, activating your most EXTRAordinary life.


“Lisa is truly a gift and a beautiful expression of love itself. Working with her has reminded me of who I am at soul level. She has a delicate way of speaking truth and asking the most beautiful questions to ignite my own truth. Being in her presence has completely transformed my life in all ways. She has guided me through my awakening process and given me tools to heal and activate.”

Krystal Ross

“Through divine connection Lisa has helped to empower and support me in my journey of better knowing myself and my truth. She has helped me to find the strength and courage within myself, so that I could step into the life I believe I am meant to be living.”

Melissa Jackson

“Lisa is an alchemist who has opened up a new level of potential in my life. She helps me see things clearly; to break old stories and create a life that I didn’t imagine possible before working with her.”

Sarah Kerruish

“Lisa transmits both information and energy. She blends different light systems and creates the energetic charge that makes things change within days and even hours. Lisa puts one in charge of the process by inviting you to participate in the co-creation of something amazing.”

Elda Pema


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